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Sometimes in life we miss the BEST things because we are preoccupied with too many things! Join us as we learn how to narrow the focus the ONE thing, the right thing!



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COLLECTING CRAYONS - We are collecting 24 pack crayons the entire month of May for the Life Fest Backpack Drive!! Please bring all the CRAYONS you can get your hands on so we can fill the backpacks for children in our community!


TUESDAY EXPERIENCE - Tuesdays @ 6PM: Need prayer, or have the gift of prayer? Come join Pastor Howard Burley as he leads a time of worship and intercessory prayer.

YOUTH (7th thru 12th) WEDNESDAYS 6:00pm-7:00pm

A WALK THRU THE BOOK OF JOHN (Adults) WEDNESDAYS 6:00pm-7:00pm (No childcare at this time) ***NO ADULT BIBLE STUDY WED MARD 11th****



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Past Messages From DLC (If most current message is not listed, check Driven Life Church on You Tube!


Sometimes in life we miss the BEST things because we are preoccupied with too many things! Join us as we learn how to narrow the focus the ONE thing, the right thing!

04/05/2015: Pastor Todd Storey: "One Love"

04/12/2015: Pastor Todd Storey: "One Person"

04/19/2015: Pastor Scott Hernandez: "One God"

04/26/2015: Pastor Brandice Wilson: "One Choice"

05/03/2015: Pastor Scott Hernandez: "One Choice"

50 shades

03/08/2015: Pastor Todd Storey: "Rise Above the Fray"

03/15/2015: Pastor Todd Storey: "How to Rise Above the Fray"

03/22/2015: Scott Hernandez: "The Right They"

03/29/15: Pastor Todd Storey: "Who Do You Follow & Who Do You Lead?"

dos and donts

02/01/2015: Pastor Todd & Celia Storey: "Assessing Your Marriage"

02/08/2015: Pastor Todd & Celia Storey: "Love Languages"

02/15/2015: Pastor Todd Storey: "This Missing Ingredient"

02/22/2015: Pastor Brandice Wilson: "Loyal Love"

03/01/2015: Pastor Todd & Celia Storey: "Practical Do's & Don'ts"


01/04/2015: Pastor Todd: "When Is Enough, Enough?"

01/11/2015: Pastor Todd: "Finding Margin"

01/18/2015: Pastor Todd: "Reducing the Clutter"

01/25/2015: Pastor Todd: "Keep It Simple"


12/7/2014 Pastor Todd: "Learning to Love"

12/14/2014 Scott Hernandez: "Bus Stop Christian"

12/21/2014: Pastor Todd: "Tis the Season to Give"

12/28/2014: Pastor Todd: "Tis the Season to Know Him"

w&c 11/30/2014 Pastor Todd: "Finding the Hunger for Christ Again"

11/09/2014 Worship Pastor Celia Storey: "Talk Soup"

11/16/2014 Pastor Bryan Baker: "Get Up!"

11/23/2014 Pastor Brandice Wilson: "Provision"


10/12/2014 Pastor Todd: "Come Alive"

10/19/2014 Pastor Todd: "Walking in the Will of God"

10/26/2014 Pastor Todd: "Living Like a Zombie"

11/02/2014 Pastor Todd: "From Death to Life"


9/7/2014 Pastor Todd: "Now That's Weird"

9/14/2014 Pastor Todd: "Anger"

9/21/2014 Pastor Todd: "It's Not About Me"

9/28/2014 Pastor Todd: "Forgiveness"

10/5/2014 Pastor Brandice Wilson: "But First, and Then"

8/31/2014 Todd Storey: "What is Communion?"

8/3/2014 Todd Storey: "Wanna Get Away?"

8/10/2014 Todd Storey: "Running Away from You"

8/17/2014 Todd Storey: "You Are Not Alone"

8/24/2014 Todd Storey: "Getting Healthy"

dlc 7/27/2014 Todd Storey: "Where Are We Going?"

7/6/2014 Todd Storey: "Jesus, Baseball Bats & Boxing Gloves"

7/15/2014 Todd Storey: "Jesus, Baseball Bats & Boxing Gloves Part Two"

7/21/2014 Todd Storey: "Jesus, Baseball Bats & Boxing Gloves Part Three"

6/29/2014 Brian Taylor: "Death By Distraction"

6/15/2014 Todd Storey: "Lessons From Dad"

6/22/2014 Celia Storey: "You WILL Get Through This"


6/1/2014 Todd Storey: "Don't Quit"

6/8/2014 Brandice Wilson: "Crazy"


4/20/2014 Todd Storey: "No Fuel For Life"

4/27/2014 Todd Storey: "Rest"

5/4/2014 Todd Storey: "Finding Time for Family"

5/11/2014 Todd Storey: "No Fuel Left For God"

5/18/2014 Bryan Baker: "Hope"

5/25/2014 Todd Storey: "Part 6"

4/13/14 Todd Storey: "Good Wednesday?"

3/2/14 Part One Todd Storey: "Stewardship of Your Gifts"

3/9/14 Part Two Todd Storey: "Two Ditches"

3/16/14 Part Three Todd Storey: "Sheep and Goats"

3/23/14 Part Four Todd Storey: "Be Ready"

3/30/14 Part Five Todd Storey: "The Invitation"


1/5/14 Part One Todd Storey: "GO BIG 2014"

1/12/14 Part Two Todd Storey: "Pray First"

1/19/14 Part Three Todd Storey: "Stewardship"

1/26/14 Part Four Brandice Wilson: "The Waiting"

2/2/14 Part Five Todd Storey: "Processing"

2/9/14 Part Six Todd Storey: "Passion"

2/16/14 Part Seven Todd Storey: "Plan"

2/23/14 Part Eght Todd Storey: "Proceed"


11/10/13 Part One: Todd Storey "Love and Marriage"

11/17/13 Part Two: Todd and Celia Storey "How to Be Loved"

11/24/13 Part Three: Todd and Celia Storey "How to Love"

12/1/13 Part Four: Todd and Celia Storey "Finances and Marriage"

12/8/13 Part Five: Todd and Celia Storey "Addictions and Marriage"

12/15/13 Part Six: Todd and Celia Storey "Sex and Pizza"

12/22/13 Part Seven: Todd and Celia Storey "Keeping the Flame Alive " FINAL




10/20/13 Part One: Todd Storey

10/27/13 Part Two: Todd Storey

11/3/13 Part Three Final: Todd Storey



08/18/13 Part 1 Todd Storey

08/25/13 Part 2 Todd Storey

09/1/13 Part 3 Todd Storey

09/8/13 Part 4 Todd Storey

09/15/13 Part 5 Todd Storey

09/22/13 Part 6 Celia Storey

09/29/13 Part 7 Brandice Wilson

10/06/13 Part 8 Todd Storey

10/13/13 Part 9 Todd Storey (final)