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DLC CHICS NIGHT w/ORNAMENT EXCHANGE - Join us Friday night, December 19th, from 7:00pm-9:00pm for a Chic's Night! All women bring an inexpensive Christmas Ornament to exchange and some desserts to share! (no childcare)



TUESDAY EXPERIENCE - Tuesdays @ 6PM: Need prayer, or have the gift of prayer? Come join Pastor Howard Burley as he leads a time of worship and intercessory prayer.

YOUTH (7th thru 12th) WEDNESDAYS 6:00pm-7:00pm

Q and A with Pastor Todd - Wednesdays 6:00pm-7:00pm Pastor Todd will be answering and discussing those age old questions you've always wanted to ask! Email questions to info@drivenlifechurch.com or facebook message them in!! (no childcare at this time)



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Our Band - 64WEST


Past Messages From DLC (If most current message is not listed, check Driven Life Church on You Tube!

z 12/7/2014 Pastor Todd: "Learning to Love"
w&c 11/30/2014 Pastor Todd: "Finding the Hunger for Christ Again"

11/09/2014 Worship Pastor Celia Storey: "Talk Soup"

11/16/2014 Pastor Bryan Baker: "Get Up!"

11/23/2014 Pastor Brandice Wilson: "Provision"

10/12/2014 Pastor Todd: "Come Alive"

10/19/2014 Pastor Todd: "Walking in the Will of God"

10/26/2014 Pastor Todd: "Living Like a Zombie"

11/02/2014 Pastor Todd: "From Death to Life"


9/7/2014 Pastor Todd: "Now That's Weird"

9/14/2014 Pastor Todd: "Anger"

9/21/2014 Pastor Todd: "It's Not About Me"

9/28/2014 Pastor Todd: "Forgiveness"

10/5/2014 Pastor Brandice Wilson: "But First, and Then"

8/31/2014 Todd Storey: "What is Communion?"

8/3/2014 Todd Storey: "Wanna Get Away?"

8/10/2014 Todd Storey: "Running Away from You"

8/17/2014 Todd Storey: "You Are Not Alone"

8/24/2014 Todd Storey: "Getting Healthy"

dlc 7/27/2014 Todd Storey: "Where Are We Going?"

7/6/2014 Todd Storey: "Jesus, Baseball Bats & Boxing Gloves"

7/15/2014 Todd Storey: "Jesus, Baseball Bats & Boxing Gloves Part Two"

7/21/2014 Todd Storey: "Jesus, Baseball Bats & Boxing Gloves Part Three"

6/29/2014 Brian Taylor: "Death By Distraction"

6/15/2014 Todd Storey: "Lessons From Dad"

6/22/2014 Celia Storey: "You WILL Get Through This"


6/1/2014 Todd Storey: "Don't Quit"

6/8/2014 Brandice Wilson: "Crazy"


4/20/2014 Todd Storey: "No Fuel For Life"

4/27/2014 Todd Storey: "Rest"

5/4/2014 Todd Storey: "Finding Time for Family"

5/11/2014 Todd Storey: "No Fuel Left For God"

5/18/2014 Bryan Baker: "Hope"

5/25/2014 Todd Storey: "Part 6"

4/13/14 Todd Storey: "Good Wednesday?"

3/2/14 Part One Todd Storey: "Stewardship of Your Gifts"

3/9/14 Part Two Todd Storey: "Two Ditches"

3/16/14 Part Three Todd Storey: "Sheep and Goats"

3/23/14 Part Four Todd Storey: "Be Ready"

3/30/14 Part Five Todd Storey: "The Invitation"


1/5/14 Part One Todd Storey: "GO BIG 2014"

1/12/14 Part Two Todd Storey: "Pray First"

1/19/14 Part Three Todd Storey: "Stewardship"

1/26/14 Part Four Brandice Wilson: "The Waiting"

2/2/14 Part Five Todd Storey: "Processing"

2/9/14 Part Six Todd Storey: "Passion"

2/16/14 Part Seven Todd Storey: "Plan"

2/23/14 Part Eght Todd Storey: "Proceed"


11/10/13 Part One: Todd Storey "Love and Marriage"

11/17/13 Part Two: Todd and Celia Storey "How to Be Loved"

11/24/13 Part Three: Todd and Celia Storey "How to Love"

12/1/13 Part Four: Todd and Celia Storey "Finances and Marriage"

12/8/13 Part Five: Todd and Celia Storey "Addictions and Marriage"

12/15/13 Part Six: Todd and Celia Storey "Sex and Pizza"

12/22/13 Part Seven: Todd and Celia Storey "Keeping the Flame Alive " FINAL




10/20/13 Part One: Todd Storey

10/27/13 Part Two: Todd Storey

11/3/13 Part Three Final: Todd Storey



08/18/13 Part 1 Todd Storey

08/25/13 Part 2 Todd Storey

09/1/13 Part 3 Todd Storey

09/8/13 Part 4 Todd Storey

09/15/13 Part 5 Todd Storey

09/22/13 Part 6 Celia Storey

09/29/13 Part 7 Brandice Wilson

10/06/13 Part 8 Todd Storey

10/13/13 Part 9 Todd Storey (final)